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Esse 905 Range Cooker


  • Esse 905 firebox
  • Esse 905 oven
  • Esse 905 thermostatic control
Esse 905 Range Cooker
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Esse 905 Range Cooker


The 905 WN represents the evolution of ESSE's wood-fired offering. It draws on classic ESSE styling from the 1930s, blending vintage aesthetics with modern benefits.This controllable range cooker has been designed to burn extremely efficiently so you get the most from every bit of fuel. The firebox has the capacity to take 45cm logs, eliminating the chore of frequent refuelling.

In simple terms, you could load the firebox in the morning and just place some extra fuel on before cooking dinner. Another load before you go to bed would keep it burning until morning, giving the potential to keep the fire going for several days or even weeks at a time. Ash removal is necessary, but with good quality fuel this might only be once a month. The 905 is quickly back up to cooking temperature, even from cold.

Old Flames comments on the Esse 905

A fabulous wood fired cooker from Esse, with 2 ovens that operate at diffeerent temperatures. The 905 is also available with a domestic hot water boiler and in W35 guise, a central heating version.


Oven temperatures are even and can be adjusted to your preference via a sliding mechanism just inside the firebox door. This door also features a second latch setting which secures the door in a slightly ajar position. This allows extra air to be drawn into the firebox and
is helpful during lighting, or if you want to 'boost' temperatures.

The flue controls on the 905 help further allow an impressive level of control when cooking. You can choose to send heat from the fire around the ovens and via the hotplate before it reaches the flue, or you can bypass the full circuit and heat the hotplate without affecting the oven temperature. This offers the flexibility to bake in a moderate oven, while flash-frying or searing on the hotplate.

Esse 905 cream


Esse 905 with chimney flue


The 905 looks beautiful as a stand-alone appliance, but it is so well insulated that you could install it as part of a fitted kitchen. It has a combined oven capacity of 80 ltrs and its distinctive hotplate can hold six pans.
The 905 Wd cooker has a domestic hot water boiler which can supply piping hot water with minimal effect on cooking performance.

The 905 W35 is the central heating version of this cooker, which must be linked to an appropriately-sized system to work most effectively. The W35 is supplied with a summer running kit so you can lessen your heating output, without affecting cooking and hot water.

The 905 W35 requires more frequent refuelling intervals dependant upon system heat demands and quality of fuel. Speak to your local ESSE Centre about your heating requirements to see if this energy-efficient system would suit you and your home.
With your own clean, dry wood supply, the ESSE 905 could allow you to virtually live off the grid.

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Wood burning


Height - 900mm approx
Width - 905mm approx

Depth -


Cast Iron


48 ltr


32 ltr


Up to 6 pans

Esse 905 green


Esse 905 Green

Esse 905

Range Cooker

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